Wood-polymer composites

We specialize in providing wood polymer composite manufacturers with exceptional compatibility solutions in the form of high quality binders, adhesives and
stabilizers. Whether polyethylene, polypropylene
or polyvinyl chloride.

Binding agents and polyurethane adhesives

for the production of wood-polymer composites

Binding agent for production of polyethylene-based wood-polymer composites
Compatibilizer for making rattan imitation, wood imitation and bamboo imitation materials to improve texture and imitation effect.
This series of hot melt adhesives is used for flat pressing and has a wide adaptability to substrates. The adhesive has good adhesive properties for PVC, PET, aluminum foil film, MDF, wood-plastic panels, stone-plastic panels and aluminum panels.

Lushan® WR-2A

Maleic anhydride modified high density polyethylene (HDPE).
Lushan® WR-2A is an innovative solution for improving the properties of wood polymer composites.
Provides compatibility between wood fiber and plastic. Reduces polarity and water absorption of wood fibers. Improves fiber dispersion and mechanical properties of wood-polymer composite.
  • Low water absorption for moisture resistance stability.
  • Easy processing for ease of manufacturing.
  • RoHS compliance and halogen testing.

Lushan® PR-3D

Polypropylene grafted with maleic anhydride.
Lushan® PR-3D polypropylene compatibilizer is mainly used for filled or reinforced polypropylene. As a macromolecular bonding agent, it can significantly improve the mechanical properties and heat resistance of filled or reinforced polypropylene.
Application: polypropylene composite, wood polymer composite based on polypropylene.
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